How We Use Your Information

We wish to take this opportunity to inform you how we hold Applicant and Tenant information, why we hold such and inform you of your rights with regards to the information we hold in compliance with General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR 2016/679 applicable 25th May 2018).


In this document if we say “We”, “Us” or “Our” this means the Landlord/Letting Agent. If we say “You” or “Your” this means the Applicants, Tenants and your representatives. Third parties means appropriate, required or relevant other persons, companies, organisations that may need to be contacted or engaged so we may effectively manage a tenancy or application for a tenancy.

Money Laundering Regulations 2003

These regulations require estate agents to formally verify the identity of their clients. Prior to taking on your property, Benchmark will need a copy of your photographic ID, such as your driving license or passport and proof of your address.

The only data stored is the data you have provided to us to process an application for a tenancy, or the data required so we can process an application for or manage/end a tenancy on your behalf. Digital data is held securely using password and data encryption techniques with other forms of data secured under lock and key. All data is held securely at UK locations.

Why Do We Collect and Retain Information On You?

In order for us to provide a service to you we are required to obtain information, without such information we may not be able to perform our duties in terms of contractual and legal requirements of processing an application for or managing a tenancy for you. Examples of information we collect and retain:-
  • All data provided by you in your Tenancy application form and information provided by your referees is kept, without such we cannot make an informed decision to grant you a tenancy.
  • Such personal and sensitive information includes:- your name, address, employment details such as payslips, nationality, date of birth, national insurance number, contact numbers, photo identification and financial information such as banking statements may also be retained.
  • To ensure we can effectively vet your request for a tenancy we may be required to share this information with third parties. For instance:- Referees as specified by yourselves, external Referencing Agencies, where required we may seek rental guarantee or and legal protection cover insurance. We are legally obliged to verify “Right to Rent” of all occupants as required by the Immigration Act Processing of Housing Benefit, Universal Credit or similar applications
  • Where a Tenancy is granted -. Only required information may be shared with third parties that is essential for them to perform their duties, such as providers of services that may be required for you to enjoy your home (Council Tax, Utility Providers and third-party suppliers such as Gas Safety Engineers, plumbers, electricians, maintenance/tradesmen and other such parties) as and when required to ensure we provide a quality experience when renting from us.
  • Financial Information – Such as your payment details so payments maybe processed. Ending a tenancy – Should it be required such information may be passed to third parties as an example for your next landlord reference or to lawfully bring a tenancy to an end. Third parties may include Deposit Schemes, Solicitors, Courts, Council Tax, Department of Works and Pensions, Providers/suppliers who may require final readings/exit dates. Where a lawful claim exists, your details may be passed to Debtor Tracers & Debt Collection Agencies.

    When will the information held be deleted?

    In the event a tenancy is not granted such shall be deleted up to a maximum of 12 months after your application has been withdrawn or declined. Where a tenancy is granted such shall be retained for a maximum of 7 years after the tenancy has ended.

    What happens if the way the information is processed should change

    In the event we change our working processes or obtain additional information not covered by this privacy agreement we shall inform you within 30 days, such may arise as an example the landlord sells the property to a new Landlord, or legislation may change, and the property owner/ agent be required to disclose tenant details not previously required.

    You have the right to withdraw your consent. You have a right to see the information we hold, update it, change it and delete it To assist us with your query in the first instance please contact our Data Controller. Please be specific in what you are asking us to do and why you wish us to do such. Provided such does not compromise our requirement to fulfil our obligations we shall assist accordingly. In the event we are unable to fulfil your request we shall inform you as to why and what further complaint procedures are available to you. Such as your right to contact the Information Commissioner’s Office for contact details see

    Any questions relating to this notice and our privacy practices should be sent to Duffin’s Estate Agents.
  • Our Data Protection Officer is Amy Eccles.
  • Our Address is 13 Preston New Road Blackburn.BB2 1AR.
  • Email: